Swire has been involved in food production and distribution since the 1880s, when it established the Taikoo Sugar Refinery in Hong Kong. Today, the group of companies play an important role in numerous links in the food chain – from primary production to processing, logistics and distribution.
Swire has been a Coca-Cola franchisee since the mid-1960s, and soft drink production and distribution is one of the group’s core activities. Swire has annual sales of still and sparkling drinks in excess of a billion unit cases in its Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and US franchise territories.

Case Study


In 2009, Swire Beverages looked to implement World Class Manufacturing into its production processes. During this time of implementation, its production performance and employee abilities were enhanced; however, despite ongoing improvements, the company encountered ‘bottlenecks’. These involved different issues: from the accuracy of the data collection, and the timeliness of the data transmitted, to the problem-solving efficiency of the software. This meant that the production lines were still not working to their maximum efficiency, and the output was compromised.

In order to solve these performance issues, members of the Swire Beverages team visited the Sidcup Plant of Coca-Cola Enterprises in London, UK, to take part in best practice learning. The plant team introduced their visitors to the LineView system: an automatic, real-time based data acquisition system designed to monitor the entire production line performance. This visit enabled Swire to explore LineView™ in detail and decide that it was the best solution for their needs.


LineView™ enables the company to illustrate the production line losses and assist employees in analysing the problems affecting efficiency, allowing on the spot changes to be made, even before a problem occurs.

Each production line has an LED display that provides real- time production line performance data and the status of each individual machine. For every line there is also a Human Machine Interface (HMI) terminal so that operators can monitor and understand the line performance at any time.

If a machine breaks down, LineView™ automatically records the event and the reason for it, meaning that no more manual records will ever be required. However, the operator can choose to comment on the reason for the downtime and assign corrective actions through the HMI. There is also an LED display inside the office which allows all staff, including supervisors, engineers, department managers and the plant manager to monitor the production lines performance and operations status.

As LineView™ is a web-based system, every computer with an internet connection can access this same intelligence, allowing top management in other area offices to access and monitor the plant production line performance and status throughout the Swire enterprise.

Swire Beverages installed the innovative LineView™ system at Zhengzhou plant in China to accurately monitor and boost production line performance

This total visibility allows all levels on site to respond immediately to any abnormal conditions, providing a very effective short-term response mechanism.

In addition to the LineView™ system, the Swire team were coached by the LineView Solutions Operational Experts into adopting different levels of problem-solving meetings that are held regularly. These include Short Interval Control (SIC) meetings, Shift Based Team meetings, and Daily Production meetings. These meetings all ensure that the teams are focused on the right issues at the best times.

The new system ultimately provides the Swire plant with a continuous improvement foundation for putting Visual Management and Focus Improvement into best practice

Based on the new system, the production team, production team leader, maintenance technician and critical machine operators all hold an SIC meeting every four hours, investigating the Six Big Losses of the line. The data is then compared to the previous four hours of production line performance and leads operators to take corrective actions.

These regular SIC meetings help to predict problems in advance for the next four hours, in order to avoid any potential issues.

  • With the LineView™ system, the greatest feeling comes from getting good results and the accuracy of the data. In the past, we sometimes missed the data in our reports, but now we don’t need to worry. The LineView™ system can generate production performance graphics automatically, so we can see the line performance and exactly where the problems are."

    Team Leader
    Swire Zhengzhou Plant


For the Swire Zhengzhou plant, the installation of the new LineView™ system has had a great impact on the overall production line efficiency and performance.

The PM Engineer at the site explains

We all know that Preventative Maintenance works are based on the machines’ performance and status. In the past, we obtained the machines’ performance and status by using maintenance technicians and engineers.”

But now LineView™ provides us with accurate data for the machines’ status and performance. It’s just like having a lot of eyes all on the production line.”

These continuous reports provide Swire with all operational status data and parameters for each machine, creating far more effective operations planning.

The reporting system that is integrated into the LineView™ system offers more than 50 different levels of reports, which show the performance trends of each line and help to plan for improvements of the next production stage, as well as providing justification for capital expenditure.

These enhanced reports quickly proved their benefit: the mechanical efficiency of the pilot line has improved by 6% in just two months. The implementation of LineView™ and the routines, have greatly reduced the Blower breakdown and minor downtime periods by an impressive 61%.

The installation of the new LineView™ system has had a great impact on the overall production line efficiency and performance of the Zhengzhou plant.

It’s clear that LineView™ can provide prompt and accurate actionable intelligence and clear performance visualisation. Even general production staff can be engaged with this data acquisition system. Each operator knows how to use it to monitor and control the performance of the line, and ultimately everyone can use it as a tool for success.

The success of the LineView™ pilot in Zhengzhou led to a rapid system rollout across the Swire group.

The mechanical efficiency of the pilot line improved by 6% in two months with the implementation of LineView™, while breakdown and minor downtime periods have reduced by 61%.

The success of the LineView™ pilot in Zhengzhou led to a rapid system rollout across the Swire group.

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