Whether it’s OEE, efficiency, utilisation, availability, productivity, output or any other term used, improvement starts with knowing where your losses are. With a track record of successful implementations going back to 2001 we have developed tried and tested methodologies that will help your team create real and sustainable change.

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Soft Drinks Manufacturing Efficiency Solutions | OEE Soft Drinks Manufacturing – LineView Solutions

The beverage industry is up against margin loss and shifting consumer preferences.

Beer Manufacturing Efficiency Solutions | OEE Beer Manufacturing – LineView Solutions

Brewers facing dynamically changing markets are responding by improving efficiency with LineView...

Wine Manufacturing Efficiency Solutions | OEE For Wineries – LineView Solutions

Wine and spirits producers are facing enormous pressure from consumer demands, which can be solved...


Dairy industry over-supply is creating extra need for plant efficiencies

Food Manufacturing Efficiency Solutions | OEE Food Manufacturing – LineView Solutions

Consumers are increasingly demanding healthy and inexpensive quality food, traits which don’t...

Consumer Goods

Need for customised product and packaging requires the ability to quickly adapt production lines...

Aerospace & Automotive

Aerospace & Automotive industries look to technology to aid in meeting the forecasted increase in...


Overcapacity in the printing industry leads the best on a path to increased efficiency.


  • LineView™ performs True Causal Loss and OEE analysis on each of your lines, constantly identifying the real opportunities for improvement. A comprehensive solution that enables packaging operations to maximize throughput and achieve World Class OEE.

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  • RapidView™ collects data instantly using wireless sensing stations. A rugged portable solution, setup takes less than two hours with visualisation tools that are ideal for equipment audits and CI initiatives to resolve problem areas rapidly and justify CapEx.

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  • MachineView™ collects production data directly from single machines or machine groups providing all the visualisation necessary to drive effective decision making and help improve your OEE.

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  • XL800/XL810 Productivity Device is a complete bolt-on solution that provides real-time, accurate downtime tracking and shop floor visualisation. Compatible with Wi-Fi devices, the system provides real-time visibility and historical analysis to aid decision-making.

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  • Digitization of data enables us to be aware of the line performance anywhere, anytime. This is awesome for group management."

    Tao Zhuang
    ZBS Packaging Director
 AB InBev

  • We combined the use of LineView and the Coke Way to yield a 20% OEE improvement at CCE Dongen over an 18 month period – the ROI was 16 weeks."

    Coca-Cola Enterprises

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