MachineView™ collects production data directly from single machines or machine groups, providing all the visualisation necessary to drive effective decision making and help improve your OEE.

Best for:

  • Reducing machine downtime
  • Factory dashboard for machines and machine groups
  • Tracking and improving changeover times, maintenance KPIs and more
Instant visibility of top production losses
On demand reporting suite
Real-time overview of factory performance
Precise, automated downtime allocation

More than just a reliable machine OEE metric, it provides powerful, actionable drill-down analytics for increasing production output.


6-Loss Analysis

Target OEE improvements and drive effective decisions with 6-Loss detailed analysis

Modular Structure

Get ROI at any budget; a scalable, modular system to allow expansion of functionality and the factory coverage over time

Cycle Time/Speed

Visualise cycle time/speed to ensure design speed is being maintained

Configurable Maintenance KPI (MTBF, MTTR, etc.)

Track Mean Time Between Failure/To Repair of each machine

Reject Monitoring

Gain reject insight with real-time reject monitoring and analysis to minimise lost output

Automated Data Capture

Interfaces with existing data sources for automated data capture direct from a PLC or remote I/O Supports OPC / Wiehenstephaner / Modbus standards / SQL

Configurable KPI (OEE, Efficiency, etc.)

Real-time feedback flags urgent problems like machine stoppages for immediate corrective action

Unlimited User Licences

Enable company-wide access at no additional cost with unlimited user licenses

Add on
Modules Available
Built-In Management Routines DigiView Quality LV Cloud Reporting CamView

Solution Infrastructure

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