Information Content Creator


We are looking for a content creator to facilitate the production of high-quality documentation that contributes to the overall success of our products and company.

The candidate must create factual information about various products and services, and how they function. The successful candidate will need to understand the product or application, and then design and create (and/or coordinate with the likes of ChatGPT) documentation to explain its installation and use, with an inclination towards extolling the value of features and benefits.

The output will explain how things are used in a way that is easy to understand not only internally, but by our distributors and customers. The information will need to be presented in many different forms; including user guides, reference and instruction manuals, training guides, instructional videos or online help to be incorporated into software solutions. The candidate will also be required to provide information in various other forms; potentially including software demos, interactive tools, wikis, blogs, portals, podcasts, FAQ responses, Chat BOT inputs, videos, illustrations and graphics. All with a consistent company feel.


LineView Solutions is growing fast. We have a commitment to client satisfaction and are very keen to engage more with our customers so they too can benefit from the many features and functions we provide, and continue to add to our services.

We are searching for an experienced creator. Someone to join our team and help take our services to new heights directly and with our increasing number of distributors.

Key Responsibilities

A large part of the role will be spent researching and gathering the information required which will require the candidate to:

  • use the product or service in question to understand the technology and applications for which documentation is being prepared
  • gather and analyse the end user’s information needs (internal and external).

Candidate must be able to comprehend our products or services and the target audience, then:

  • attend planning and briefing meetings
  • collaborate with product, developers, support and potentially end customers to clarify any technical issues
  • interview subject matter experts, sales and marketing specialists
  • work with translators, printers and service providers

With regards to the content, the candidate must be able to:

  • Take responsibility for their own work, communicate prioritise and timescales for delivery
  • Organise information according to the end consumer’s needs
  • Create and edit the content to develop comprehensive documentation
  • Commission, coordinate or prepare illustrations
  • Use a variety of software applications to create the information
  • Index and catalogue reference materials, research, design specifications and historic content
  • Update and maintain a library of technical terminology and documentation
  • Revise or rewrite existing technical literature
  • Test whether users understand newly developed material and adjust if necessary
  • Develop content in alternative media forms to maximise usability, with a consistent tone across all documentation

Skills and Attributes:

  • Organised
  • Collaborative team player
  • Versatile
  • Be responsible, detail-oriented, and conscientious
  • Excellent verbal and written communication ability, and critically, be able to discuss and explain technical issues in non-technical terms
  • Excellent written skills
  • Multi-lingual preferred

Desirable Experience

  • Proven working experience in technical content creation of software documentation
  • Familiarity with the SDLC and software development
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Teams
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