Transform all production checks from laborious spreadsheets or paper based process into a digital Industry 4.0 ready process with DigiView™ and gain valuable insight into the shift operations that can be shared across the enterprise.

Best for:

  • Quality management
  • Paperless manufacturing operations
  • Shift-based checks & handovers
Flexible enough for any check or process
Correlate with other production data
Set one digital standard for all checks
Increase labour efficiency and reduce waste

DigiView™ stores all inspection data and provides a historical record of compliance evidence, as well as performance data that you can use to audit your processes.


Self-configurable platform

Set-up standard templates and workflows with ability to define check procedure, result type and frequency

Control station

Get a control station timeline summary identifying checks as: completed and the result, in progress, scheduled or requires recheck

Compliance tool

Enable compliance follow up with a live shift based history for each control station and associated check


Strategic reporting, drill down and trend analysis accessible through BI reporting tool

Status visualisation

Configurable red/amber/green status for control station and check result status indication

Integrated traceability

Simplify material traceability through ID/Lot barcode scanning capability

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