Get to zero unplanned equipment downtime using causal loss.

Be proactive to prevent machine downtime

Be proactive to prevent machine downtime

Minimum 10% OEE gains

Go beyond symptoms to true causes of downtime

Go beyond symptoms to true causes of downtime

Faster changeovers

Get accurate unplanned equipment downtime statistics

Get accurate unplanned equipment downtime statistics

Reduce (or eliminate) costly microstops

Tired of interruptions and limited capacity? Track and prevent machine downtime hampering worker productivity.

When downtime tracking is a mix of manual processes and sensor-based data recording, operational teams
can’t easily spot and correct the underlying cause of unplanned equipment downtime. Monitoring production downtime accurately at a granular level requires automated, machine-level data. With better data and proactive interventions, it’s easier to solve the real root cause of equipment downtime – boosting capacity and improving lead times.

Reduce unplanned downtime without hours of root cause analysis.

Automated PLC data - no bolt-on sensors required

Automated PLC data - no bolt-on sensors required

LineView™ machine downtime tracking software is simple to implement, connecting to data you already have without redundant sensors. Once up and running, it enables you to track and reduce downtime rapidly – unlocking additional capacity.

Automatic fault insights without DIY reporting

Automatic fault insights without DIY reporting

What’s easier? Hours spent compiling reports or auto fault detection? LineView simplifies OEE as well as downtime tracking and management. Causal loss intelligence and a timeline illustrate exactly when a loss occurs.

Operational excellence built in and on-call

Operational excellence built in and on-call

Unlike other machine downtime tracking software, our downtime management solution doesn’t stop at reports. Built-in SIC and equipment downtime tracking routines supported by in-house operational experts will guide your team to lower unplanned downtime.

How To Use Shift Handover Policies & Checklists For Better OEE Results

Tracking downtime is good. Automatically detecting True Causal Loss is better.

Improved equipment downtime tracking is only the first step to better OEE downtime monitoring and management. LineView’s intelligent True Casual Loss algorithm automatically correlates a machine-level fault to the impact on that machine and yourOverall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) score. Further categorising downtime into the six losses of OEE provides an accurate picture of downtime and prioritised actions. By shifting focus from machine downtimes to Causal Loss, continuous improvement teams and operators can move away from reactive interventions that are disruptive and inefficient.

How Downtime Tracking Works:


Use LineView’s software to track equipment downtime accurately

Upgrading to automated machine-level downtime tracking and auto-fault detection not only improves production monitoring but also empowers operators and managers with accurate, actionable information - not best guesses.


Auto-detect true causes of downtime for more efficient fixes

Armed with the underlying cause of downtime allows teams to fix the constraint on the line instead of the symptoms upstream or downstream.Teams Will save wasted time and labour, benefitting your profitability bottom-line.


Optimize management time and worker productivity

Using LineView’s automated casual machine downtime tracking function frees management time to focus on coaching and process improvements. Empowering managers with machine fault-level root causes saves hours of analysis and historical reporting.


Speed up changeovers and streamline maintenance planning

Once your team has attacked the largest sources of chronic and intermittent downtime, apply LineView data and tools to changeovers, planned maintenance activities, and other focused improvements.

Zero downtime and 10% OEE improvement are easier with causal loss.

Instead of focusing on individual downtime events, LineView helps you move beyond the symptoms to the true cause of downtime.

Improved OEE, downtime monitoring of microstops, auto fault analysis and productivity tools are the tools your team need for sustainable downtime reduction. And as a bonus? Get a guaranteed 10% efficiency improvement.

Coca-Cola Germany Tranforms Via Efficiency Improvement Journey.

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