Quality Intelligence and Quality 4.0

Quality Management and Quality 4.0 in the Factory of the Future

The Factory of the Future will be smarter, leaner, and more efficient than ever before. To stay competitive in an increasingly global marketplace, businesses must adapt to this new way of thinking about quality control and management in manufacturing.

Quality intelligence for manufacturing harnesses end-to-end production data that will prepare your factory for long term success and consistent quality. Embrace Quality 4.0 to optimise your factory’s quality control, visibility and traceability.

Why Does Quality Management in Manufacturing Need to Evolve?

Traditional manufacturing quality control systems rely on a complex range of inputs. From machine generated data, to human inspection and paper forms, managing and ensuring quality production is prone to human error. With quality teams stretched over a factory, or even multiple sites, complex challenges for quality leaders cause extra work and disconnected process flow.


Without digitised quality metrics, quality data is not accessible enterprise-wide.

When data is not visible and difficult to correlate across manufacturing operations, quality leaders require tedious manual analysis to accurately ensure compliance to quality standards.


Trends can be difficult to spot and root cause requires manual analysis.

In traditional manufacturing quality control and management, historical quality data needs to be manually analysed to see trends and recurring quality issues.




Every operation has a different approach to quality management in manufacturing.

Some machines or processes may be very automated with control check-points. Others could have manual quality checks at the end of the process. This disjointed manufacturing quality management has inefficiencies and opportunity for human error.


Material issues and batches are difficult to track back.

If quality data is stored in various folders – whether paper based or digital – across a number of machines and processes, it slows down and limits quality teams to trace quality issues.



What is Quality 4.0?

Quality management in manufacturing is changing with Industry 4.0 and the Factory of the Future. With Quality 4.0, integrating AI, Machine Learning and Big Data into your factory’s end-to-end manufacturing quality management gives quality teams the most accurate and integrated data from which to make decisions.

The Factory of the Future, Quality 4.0, uses real-time and historical production data to streamline compliance, enterprise-wide visibility, traceability and digital quality checks.

Centralised Data

Having all quality data centralised means details are easier and faster to pull. Organisations need a way to collect quality data from anywhere and turn it into actionable insights. Quality data visibility is necessary for success – which may mean moving beyond today’s siloed quality systems.

Artificial Intelligence

AI for manufacturing quality control can find correlations and trends that people may be unable to see. As data is continuously compiled, analysed and stored, AI powered Machine Learning can perform real-time analysis to predict quality issues, immediately flag potential problems and optimise quality process flows. AI generates tailored data and takes care of complex statistical analysis in seconds, allowing your quality team to focus on the product and not paperwork and spreadsheets.

Increased Collaboration

Quality information will no longer be contained only within LIMS and manufacturing quality management software with visibility limited to the Quality Engineer and quality teams. Quality control manufacturing systems like DigiView help to facilitate the collection of quality data at the source and digitise in real-time.

Quality 4.0 vs Traditional Quality

Ensuring Successful Quality 4.0 in the Factory of the Future

Quality intelligence uses specific and pertinent information from across the shop floor and production output to streamline quality management for Industry 4.0.

The key success factors for quality management in the Factory of the Future are:


1. Improved data management and tools to correlate data.

A robust, factory-wide data management is crucial to maximise Quality 4.0. Cloud-based, secure data storage powered by shop floor gateways propels your end-to-end smart connected factory to maximise manufacturing quality control.

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2. Collaboration tools that are accessible and visible enterprise-wide.

Transparent quality information that can be instantly shared and viewed in a secure digital platform makes assessing and rectifying quality issues intuitive and efficient.

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3. Historical and real-time analysis.

Whether assessing past quality issues, or making instantaneous adjustments to production output, Quality 4.0 relies on the constant flow of data from Factory of the Future to optimise quality, perform intelligent root-cause analysis and support your factory’s sustainable future growth.

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4. APIs to connect manufacturing quality control tools to other operational systems.

Seamlessly integrate your manufacturing Industry 4.0 with third party MES, maintenance and alert systems to better monitor events from any point in the process flow. Manufacturing Industry 4.0 will let you control how and when messages are relayed to your desired endpoint API.

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