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Transform data into value with EnterpriseView, a complete Business Intelligence toolset to create context in manufacturing data and analysis.

Best for:

  • Ingest enterprise-wide data into the cloud to create a structured dataset for analysis
  • Integrate a future-ready BI suite designed for Artificial Intelligence-powered insight
  • Identify optimisation and improvement opportunities at every level of the enterprise
Determine which line is causing the most impact vs business targets and areas of loss
Identify overrun availability loss relating to planned stoppages such as changeover or maintenance
Filter data by shift or operational team to identify inconsistences
Identify which brand of a particular equipment type performs best on a individual product type

Get future-ready for AI insights and with a reporting suite to achieve today’s manufacturing objectives.


Reports Builder

Simple configuration and flexible report builder with a user-friendly drag-n-drop interface

Mobile App

Access production data from anywhere at any time with mobile app. View detailed data for any site in the Enterprise.

BI Dashboards

Filter data by shift or operational team to identify inconsistences and Compare quality standards across the enterprise from robust dashboards.

SQL Data Extracts

Extracts data into your environment with filters like machine OEM for additional insight. Pair with DigiView to incorporate enterprise-wide standard adherence.

Automated Data Capture

Cross-reference manual data inputs from multiple sources with automated data capture direct from a PLC or remote I/O. Supports OPC /Wiehenstephaner / Modbus standards / SQL

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