Modernise your visual factory management with video replay, live meetings and a feedback loop.

See a live shop-floor view with a drill down to issues

See a live shop-floor view with a drill down to issues

Improve production visibility

Get instant feedback with commenting and SIC

Get instant feedback with commenting and SIC

Motivate and empower teams

Replace whiteboards and Andon with a digital visual factory software

Replace whiteboards and Andon with a digital visual factory software

Eliminate manual tracking and reports

Are your shift leaders frustrated by a lack of information and unable to make good decisions?

Shift and team leaders on the shop floor often see good operators frustrated by long changeovers or repeat issues. Often, leaders are equally frustrated by a lack of information or tools to help them. It hurts employee morale and productivity. LineView takes traditional visual factory software to the next level with a live line overview with drill downs to the machine level. Operator commenting and built-in short interval control to help shift and team leaders get instant feedback for better decisions and a higher performing team.

Go beyond machine data and boards - to the ultimate visual factory management.

Visual factory management with drill down screens

Visual factory management with drill down screens

The line overview overlays your core KPI onto a graphic of your line that doubles as a screen display. Colour-coded cues indicate trends, with a drill down to root cause including high-resolution automated trending of PLC fault codes.

Operator tools and leader routines to drive change

Operator tools and leader routines to drive change

Dashboards are great, but siloed data doesn’t impact change. LineView pairs accuracy KPI with operator comments, action logs, and built-in short interval control. With the help of our coaches, your team will be motivated and equipped for productivity improvement.

Add ons for a completely integrated visual factory system

Add ons for a completely integrated visual factory system

Your visual factory management can be a single source of truth for everything. Not just line monitoring, on-screen displays, and alerts, LineView can serve up reports, energy ratios, clean-in-place trends, and even slow-motion video replays of machine faults.

Visual Management Scoreboard – Step 1 Towards A Smart Factory

Get the most from your visual factory software by prioritising high ROI projects.

Every factory doesn’t have unlimited resources, so a lack of focus in the right areas can mismanage priorities.

LineView’s proprietary IFA approach helps leaders implement effective tactical and strategic decision making into their daily momentum. IFA also motivates your team to respond quickly and effectively to live data. Our experts can teach you how to leverage this approach to maximise results, track progression, and focus their efforts on high-value ROI projects.

How visual factory works:


We’ll configure LineView visual factory software for success and data accuracy

After conducting a site audit, we’ll optimize your connection and configure your line based on what your team wants to accomplish with their visual factory software. We prioritize data accuracy and how you want to collect operator feedback and comments.


Build internal awareness for your visual factory transformation

We call it site buzz, but it’s more than promoting a new visual factory system. Internal promotion -think signs, posters, and social posts before the kickoff- your team will be more aware of the upcoming changes and the goals your team has for their transformation journey.


Set-up your visual factory screens and short interval control area

We recommend setting up a dedicated short interval control room or area. In this area, you’ll want to post terms of reference document and set meeting agenda. Combined with a display board TV, this will designate ‘where’ SIC happens. Beyond the SIC room, displaying LineView and action logs on the line via display will help your digital factory management to be more visual.


Train and empower teams to leverage their visual factory data

Of course, we’ll teach your operators to use the visual factory system; however, our implementation and training are designed to build more effective teams. We’ll work with your leaders to implement visual factory management routines and show them how to motivate teams to be data-driven and focus on the right actions.

Upgrade whiteboards and dashboards with modern visual factory software.

Take your visual factory management further with digital changeovers, visual data across every process, and interactive operator tools. Beyond just informing operators, LineView motivates and empowers teams to dig into what’s happening during an event.

When teams use data to its full potential and leaders have proper routines and feedback, productivity is virtually unlimited.

Coca-Cola Germany Tranforms Via Efficiency Improvement Journey.

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