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We empower manufacturers with innovative tools and insights to optimize production, drive sustainable growth, and achieve operational excellence. Our advanced software and expert consulting services ensure data-driven decision-making unlocks value for all our customers.

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Don’t settle for the status quo. Unlock your true potential. Our digital solutions empower you to achieve peak performance, optimize production, streamline operations, and embrace sustainable practices.


LineView is our cutting-edge platform designed to tackle the complex challenges of manufacturing and transform your production to a real-time symphony of efficiency.

With LineView, on-time delivery, efficient management of fluctuating demand, and minimized waste becomes the norm. LineView helps you navigate the dynamic world of production by providing a powerful and clear view of your resources, allowing you to make informed decisions and achieve peak production efficiency.

XL Platform

The Solution for bolt-on productivity improvement. Stop downtime in its tracks! XL Platform transforms your plant into a data-driven powerhouse. This easy-to-install solution eliminates downtime guesswork with real-time tracking. Gain crystal-clear visualizations of production, empower your workforce to identify bottlenecks and optimize every step for peak efficiency. Win every minute & every shift with automated production monitoring.


Ensure top quality in production. DigiView transforms all production checks from laborious spreadsheets or paper-based process into a digital Industry 4.0 ready process. Uncover real-time insights across shifts, empowering smarter decisions and optimized workflows for the entire enterprise. DigiView helps you adhere to the highest quality standards in production.


RapidView boosts productivity with real-time insights. Visualize cycle time, capture data wirelessly, and drill down into performance gaps. Track maintenance KPIs, analyse losses, and access configurable reports. RapidView is ideal for regular equipment audits to justify CapEx and enables continuous improvement initiatives to resolve bottlenecks rapidly. Plus, explore add-on modules for enhanced capabilities.


Gain real-time, machine-level insights to proactively address issues and optimize production. MachineView goes beyond simply monitoring – it tracks key metrics like MTBF and MTTR, empowering you to make data-driven decisions that minimize downtime and maximize output. Identify bottlenecks, reduce waste, and achieve operational excellence with MachineView’s actionable drill-down analytics.

Who we work with

From multi-national enterprises to single-site operations, the best in the industry trust Lineview. Explore our customer base to see how we drive success and innovation across diverse manufacturing environments.

Industries we serve

Manufacturing varies significantly across different sectors, each with unique challenges. Lineview provides tailored solutions to optimize efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance quality, transforming your manufacturing journey and aligning with your long-term strategy.

Our trusted partners

We collaborate with esteemed partners worldwide to deliver exceptional solutions. Together, we drive innovation, enhance efficiency, and achieve remarkable results in manufacturing operations.

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Customer stories

Discover how Lineview enables manufacturers to revolutionize production. We view success as a collaborative journey—learn how our customers achieve significant gains and how their triumphs inspire our continuous innovation.

Case Study

Coca-Cola Enterprises selects Lineview™ as their system of choice.

Over a three-year period, LineView™ has been implemented on every production line in Europe to help increase efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.

Case Study

AB InBev China achieves Goals through Data, focus and action.

The world’s largest brewer, AB InBev, recommended LineView™ to their Chinese bottling plant based in Wuhan to remedy the company’s struggles with efficiencies.

Case Study

Chivas Brothers Pernod Ricard increases mechanical efficiency by 17% in six months.

Line 33’s Mechanical Efficiency increased from 60% to 70% after six months of data-driven interventions and focused improvements.

“As one of our partners in our journey to Empowered Digitalized and integrated Processes of total Supply Chain, LineView has become our routine digital tool that makes life for our front line people more productive; not only with paperless production lines performance reporting, and real time and transparent data, but also it is giving us a lot of insightful data that enables the right focus and actions to drive and improve efficiencies and productivity.”

Khem Rith

Manufacturing Manager

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