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Smart factory solutions and operational expertise to drive your best production, every day.


Complete Digital Manufacturing Improvement.

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A game-changing approach to productivity.

Need help navigating the complexity of today’s production environment? We get the challenges and chaos of daily production, especially in the current market. LineView’s approach simplifies your daily routines, gives you data to make good decisions, and provides technical expertise to solve challenging production issues.

Our one-of-a-kind software for bottling and packaging efficiency and operational experts guarantee the ROI you need, one line at a time.

Sustainable manufacturing transformation.

For 20 years, our customers have posted industry leading results and sustainable business transformations using LineView smart factory software and operational support. The bottom line? We care about delivering results, not software - and that’s a difference we’re proud to stand behind.

Cutting-edge smart factory systems today - with a path to

Tomorrow's Future Factory


Gather data from machines to understand efficiency and causes of loss. Drill through your data to find root causes.


Gather manual and automated data to ensure your quality, parameters and compliance requirements are to standard.


Transform data into manufacturing intelligence. Correlate data from multiple sources with machine learning and AI to provide insights.


Implement management routines to compliment new data and insights. Underpin your digital strategy with world class practices.

Be the champion that wins more shifts.
Manufacturing efficiency results that stick.

Plant and Production Management is a balancing act of achieving production improvement gains against daily production challenges and team engagement. With the integration of innovative real-time monitoring, find significant and rapid KPI improvement gains.

  • Significant and rapid KPI improvement gains
  • Added insight and innovation on the shop floor
  • Boost to area or team’s performance
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Process Engineering in today’s plant is ever-limited by time and capital resources but dictates complex engineering solutions that employ a suite of IT and OT tools. Gain valuable insight with a detailed understanding of individual asset performance and correlation to overall output.

  • Measurement and improvement of maintenance and engineering KPI.
  • Identification of what is a maintenance versus an operational issue and prioritise resources
  • Insight without a drain on internal engineering resources
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Continuous Improvement success is derived from cost savings and project ROI but you need buy-in from operators and supervisors. Validate your SMED, Kaizen, downtime reduction and machine efficiency CI projects with software and management tools to quantify your success.

  • System to identify and quantify Continuous Improvement initiatives
  • Measurement and validation of Continuous Improvement activities
  • Ongoing adherence and process optimisation
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Optimise your operational structure and routines around the use of data with software and management tools that deliver actionable information in real-time.

  • Support to achieve World Class OEE and Operational Excellence
  • Maximised output with existing resources
  • Increased visibility across the enterprise
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Leaders in manufacturing Digital Transformation think beyond a vision and direction for the factory of the future. You’re also developing the backbone of your manufacturing organisations’s digital smart factory architecture to fit into today’s reality on the plant floor. LineView lets you take control of current digitalisation efforts with a clear path to your smart factory vision.

  • Best-in-class smart factory software with practical AI and ML innovations
  • Operational support and innovative developments to reach your digitalisation objectives
  • Insight from across your global enterprise with industry-wide benchmarking

Applications to unlock manufacturing efficiency improvements across your operations.


Coca-Cola Germany Tranforms Via Efficiency Improvement Journey.

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