Proven routines maximize results and ROI

Remind us to tell the story of how LineView was developed to support operational excellence and developed in conjunction with our in-house operational excellence practitioners.

Value Engineering

Production Line Balance Optimization and V-Curve

An imbalanced line limits the actual volume your site can produce, regardless of your performance initiatives or line capacity. Slow starts and restarts – or poor equipment set-ups – prevent your team from reaching peak production capacity. Balance the line and set speeds by V-Curve to meet your production targets without significant facility upgrades or capital investment.

Operational Audit

An operational audit examines the manufacturing processes from a different angle to help operations teams see where their issues really are, not where they think they are.

For rapid analysis and visibility of top losses and data accuracy throughout the audit process, we use RapidView – manufacturing intelligence delivered in rugged, IP rated hardware.

Our 3-day Opportunity Analysis process answers key questions, including :

  • What drives most cost in your business? What are the biggest opportunities?
  • How well is your data understood?
  • How effective are your operations meetings and daily routines?
  • How effective are your actions to reduce loss?
  • How often do you review information to determine focus areas?
  • What is the depth of knowledge in manufacturing and continuous improvement in your factory?
  • How accurate is the data that you use to make decisions?

“LineView™ is the single most powerful manufacturing tool I’ve seen during my 15 years in operations management.”

Richard Davies

Vice-President Operations, Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd

Customer stories

Case Study

Coca-Cola Enterprises selects Lineview™ as their system of choice.

Over a three-year period, LineView™ has been implemented on every production line in Europe to help increase efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.

Case Study

AB InBev China achieves Goals through Data, focus and action.

The world’s largest brewer, AB InBev, recommended LineView™ to their Chinese bottling plant based in Wuhan to remedy the company’s struggles with efficiencies.

Case Study

Chivas Brothers Pernod Ricard increases mechanical efficiency by 17% in six months.

Line 33’s Mechanical Efficiency increased from 60% to 70% after six months of data-driven interventions and focused improvements.