The Solution for Bolt-On Productivity Improvement

XL Platform for bolt-on productivity

The XL Platform is a complete bolt-on solution that provides real-time, accurate downtime tracking and shop floor visualization. The system provides real-time visibility and historical analysis to aid decision-making.

XL Platform Solution Highlights


Replace manual data recording leaving no room for error in data entry

XL Platform is capable of data capture from your machine in production line empowering your continuous improvement team.


Bolt-on to any machine and receive 100 performance metrics

XL Platform requires only run and reject signals for accurate OEE and provides you with 100+ performance metrics. Our customers use XL in a variety of ways from the production line to the field where harvests are collected.

Integrating Hardware and Software Seamlessly

Manufacturers often struggle to achieve seamless integration between hardware and software. XL Platform is easy to setup and does not require advanced tech knowledge or coding knowledge. We also provide a 60-day FREE trial.

XL Platform: More Than Meets the Eye

While considered an entry-level solution, XL doesn’t shy away from challenging tasks. Its features include…

Bolt-on Productivity

Bolt-on to any machine. Requires only run and reject signals for accurate OEE and 100+ performance metrics.

Dashboard Analytics

Dashboard screens link multiple devices together, via the web-page interface, to view performance across the plant and even multiple sites.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time, accurate tracking of downtime monitors when your machine is running and when it is down, providing reliable data to decision making.

Plant-Floor Scoreboard

Plant floor scoreboard enables operators to view performance and make adjustments in real-time.

Trend Analysis

Web-page interface provides real-time performance and historical trend analysis available across your network.


Exportable management reports by shift, job and product type for tactical and strategic decision-making.