The XL Platform is a complete bolt-on solution that provides real-time, accurate downtime tracking and shop floor visualisation. The system provides real-time visibility and historical analysis to aid decision-making.

Best for:

  • Replacing manual data capture
  • Plant floor scoreboard
  • Accurate, automated downtime analysis
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Hardware and software working seamlessly together in one device.
Clear view of production from the perspective of top losses.
Off-the-shelf solution, easy to adapt to any process.


Bolt-on Productivity

Bolt-on to any machine. Requires only run and reject signals for accurate OEE and 100+ performance metrics

Flexible set-up

Handles multi-product lines, multiple run rates and pack size changes.

Trend Analysis

Web-page interface provides real-time performance and historical trend analysis available across your network.

Dashboard Analytics

Dashboard screens link multiple devices together, via the web-page interface, to view performance across the plant and even multiple sites.

Configurable Metrics

Track changeovers, set targets and see real-time performance to that target

Plant-Floor Scoreboard

Plant floor scoreboard enables operators to view performance and make adjustments in real-time


Exportable management reports by shift, job and product type for tactical and strategic decision-making

Built-in Software

Software is built-in, with nothing to load onto PC’s

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time, accurate tracking of downtime monitors when your machine is running and when it is down, providing reliable data to decision making

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