The Solution for Performance Audit & Capex Justification

Instant Data Insights with RapidView

RapidView™ collects data instantly using wireless sensing stations. A rugged portable solution, setup takes less than two hours with visualization tools that are ideal for equipment audits and CI initiatives to resolve problem areas rapidly and justify Capex.

Rapid Insights Anywhere: Portable Data Mastery


Easy to set-up in less than 2 hours

Minimize set-up time with portable wireless automatic data capture via battery powered sensing stations. This super portable hardware gives you clear insights into machine performance for quick and accurate decision making.


Total quality management without piles of papers and shift sheets

We understand that a seamless reporting system is essential for collaboration, ownership and recognition of significant achievement in work. With RapidView you can configure reporting to align with your team’s KPIs and individual KPIs improving employee satisfaction and performance over time.


Target OEE improvements and drive effective decisions with 6-Loss detailed analysis

RapidView performs 6-Loss Analysis, a critical process for improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). By tracking downtime, speed losses, and other factors, it empowers informed decisions, enhancing production efficiency.

Remote Machine Monitoring & Line Commissioning

Installing real-time monitoring solutions in hard-to-reach plant locations can be daunting. However, RapidView™ offers an intuitive answer for overcoming this hurdle. If you’re facing such difficulties, it’s a straightforward choice. RapidView is handy when commissioning new lines at your manufacturing facilities.

Features of RapidView

In addition to portability, RapidView is preinstalled with a set of features enabling your team to improve productivity on the go.

Loss Analysis

RapidView empowers operations and continuous improvements teams with detailed 6 loss analysis to make significant improvements in availability, performance and quality.

Configurable KPI (OEE, Efficiency, MTBF, MTTRR, etc.)

Real-time feedback flags urgent problems like machine stoppages for immediate corrective action. Track Mean Time Between Failure/To Repair of each machine.

Cycle Time/Speed

Visualize cycle time/speed to ensure design speed is being maintained.

Real-time Feedback

Monitor lines or individual machines to identify lost performance and drive efficiency improvements.

Drilldown Capability

Drilldown to analyze productivity loss by line, area, machine and more.