RapidView™ collects data instantly using wireless sensing stations. A rugged portable solution, setup takes less than two hours with visualisation tools that are ideal for equipment audits and CI initiatives to resolve problem areas rapidly and justify CapEx.

Best for:

  • Instant data gathering & visualisation
  • Troubleshooting CI initiatives
  • Line Commissioning
Portable system with setup in less than 2 hours
Wireless data capture via battery- powered sensors
Built-in tactical reporting
Zero impact – independent of existing infrastructure
Rapid analysis and visibility of top losses


Cycle Time/Speed

Visualise cycle time/speed to verify design speed is being achieved

Portable, Wireless Data Capture

Minimise set-up time with portable wireless automatic data capture via battery powered sensing stations

Real-time Feedback

Monitor lines or individual machines to identify lost performance and drive efficiency improvements

Drilldown Capability

Drilldown to analyse productivity loss by line, area, machine and more

Configurable Maintenance KPI (MTBF, MTTR, etc.)

Track Mean Time Between Failure/To Repair of each individual asset

Configurable Reporting

Use in-built reports for longer term trending and analysis

6-Loss Analysis

Target OEE improvements and drive effective decisions with 6-Loss detailed analysis

Configurable KPI (OEE, Efficiency, etc.)

Identify time savings within your manufacturing operations and reduce idle time

Add on
Modules Available
Built-In Management Routines CamView DigiView Quality

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