A manufacturing quality control software to standardise operator checks for quality that’s right the first time.

Even the best software for quality control in manufacturing can miss in-line defects and trends without operator checks.

Reworks, waste, and human error are the demise of quality metrics, and as any quality team knows, trends are near impossible to spot with retrospective reporting. Spreadsheets are not a reliable manufacturing quality control tool, and many quality control software suites lack an operator-log option.

Reliable manufacturing quality control doesn’t happen by accident. Digital quality checks can minimise human error and prevent defects and reworks downstream. Using LineView’s DigiView quality management solution for manufacturing, quality leaders can schedule checks to record compliance and confirm quality to standard.

Prevent reworks and waste with quality management software for manufacturing that is 100% audit-ready.

Configurable quality control checks
Line quality checks for compliance and audits
Quality visualisation and live quality views

Fully guided process

Audit data, methodology and line balancing software, all in one

Not just production line balancing software, our team provides a guaranteed manufacturing line balance step-change. We’ll guide you through a data-informed audit, implement five levels of control and train your team to use LineView’s line balancing software – all for long-term results.

Built-in benchmarking

Line balance scores make benchmarking easy

Making production line balancing easy is the key to lasting results. Easy-to-understand production line balance scores for every product type with built-in baseline comparisons are built-in within LineView’s line balancing software. Teams can benchmark live data vs. historical- so you’ll never lose your capacity gains.

Additional performance gains

Optional controls to automate restarts and recover speed

Optional manufacturing line balance control unlocks additional performance gains between 2-5%. This supervisory line control module sets optimal restart times on core machines (filler, labeler, packer) to accelerate recovery after downtime.


Manufacturers must adapt to a new way of thinking about manufacturing quality control and quality management systems to stay competitive in today’s global market.

When choosing a manufacturing quality control software today, it should embrace Quality 4.0 practices. These include harnessing end-to-end production data to prepare their factories for long term success and consistent quality.

Standardise parameters for manufacturing quality that’s right the first time.

Paperless manufacturing quality control software empower operators to log inline quality with modern, visual checks. Plus, quality levels improve when leaders can easily access an operator’s shift progress charts with live and historical data.

If you are ready to replace time-consuming paper quality checks and spreadsheet tracking, LineView’s DigiView manufacturing quality control software is the ideal tool. Schedule checks, record compliance, and confirm quality standards across every production process.

Sustainability challenges and resource optimization

Sustainability goes beyond greenwashing; global governmental bodies are enforcing stricter environmental laws and reporting.

Moreover, the availability of raw materials such as ground water is reducing each day. 1 out of 3 manufacturing plants are in water scarce regions. LineView understands your commitment towards net zero carbon emissions and reducing water & energy wastage. By optimizing plant processes, LineView minimizes resource use and emissions while enhancing productivity.

Digital Transformation made easy

We recognize that not everyone is tech-savvy. That’s why LineView is user-friendly and intuitive. Our expert team collaborates with you, allowing you to focus on your work while improving results. Unlike traditional MES or SCADA systems, LineView offers fast and easy ROI. Out-of-the-box insights empower team leaders to focus on actions rather than time-consuming DIY reporting. Plus, teams can immediately see the impact of their actions, leading to faster order-to-delivery times.

Zero downtime and 10% OEE improvement are easier with causal loss.

Instead of focusing on individual downtime events, LineView helps you move beyond the symptoms to the true cause of downtime.

Improved OEE, downtime monitoring of microstops, auto fault analysis and productivity tools are the tools your team need for sustainable downtime reduction. And as a bonus? Get a guaranteed 10% efficiency improvement.

Built-in manufacturing quality control tools for quality standards

Operator prompts and visual checks ensure production within tolerance

End-to-end audit-ready quality traceability

Trends and quality issues are visualised live and historically

Digital checks to cut human error, defects and reworks

Use video and images as work instructions to guide operators

Customer stories

Case Study

Coca-Cola Enterprises selects Lineview™ as their system of choice.

Over a three-year period, LineView™ has been implemented on every production line in Europe to help increase efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.

Case Study

AB InBev China achieves Goals through Data, focus and action.

The world’s largest brewer, AB InBev, recommended LineView™ to their Chinese bottling plant based in Wuhan to remedy the company’s struggles with efficiencies.

Case Study

Chivas Brothers Pernod Ricard increases mechanical efficiency by 17% in six months.

Line 33’s Mechanical Efficiency increased from 60% to 70% after six months of data-driven interventions and focused improvements.