Manufacturing Process Digitalisation

Understand how manufacturing process digitalisation fuels your digital transformation.

Most manufacturing operations have complete MES systems in-place with ancillary software for performance monitoring. Even within robust computerised and a digital manufacturing system, legacy software, manual processes, and systems that aren’t integrated mean that paper and spreadsheets still exist. This results in an incomplete dataset preventing teams from achieving the full benefits of digital transformation projects and the promise of the future factory.

LineView offers a consolidated digital manufacturing solution that precisely guides your mission to improve OEE using innovation, insights, and data across your entire manufacturing process.

What is Digital Manufacturing Software for Process Digitalisation?

Digitalisation is at the core of the Factory of the Future: it’s the natural way that manufacturing has to develop to be sustainable and successful. As business leaders push automation into supply chains to make them more efficient, our future factories won’t have enough skill to be able to manage all the technical advancements needed to meet increasing production speeds.

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To move from the legacy software and inefficient processes of the past, we first need to digitise end-to-end manufacturing data. Checklists, quality controls, operating data, and key metrics must all be shifted towards paperless manufacturing.

Once paperless, data from every step of a process can be structured, consolidated, and stored in a central cloud. The goal is completely shareable data that can be accessed by every machine in a way that’s readable for each system.

With this digital manufacturing service, complete digitalisation of the manufacturing process can be accomplished.

The benefits of a digital manufacturing system are endless. Integrating live data, KPIs, and instant quality checks into every single step of the manufacturing process elevates and maximises OEE and quality.

Connected machines – seamlessly integrated and intelligently monitored – will push your manufacturing process towards an optimised, safe, and sustainable future.

The Road to Paperless Manufacturing

Digitising your data with a digital manufacturing system is the first step towards paperless manufacturing: DigiView is your solution.

Manual performance checks, quality control and operations reporting can all inherently suffer from human error. On top of that, systems that aren’t integrated to a central monitoring platform require extra resources to bridge the data gap.

Transform all production checks from laborious spreadsheets or paper based processes into a digital Industry 4.0 ready process with DigiView, and gain valuable insight into shift operations that can be shared across the enterprise.

DigiView was developed so that routine processes could be captured and recorded in absence of another system to do so. These tactical innovations and other digital manufacturing technologies have paved the way and opened our minds to a more strategic scope.

Going paperless, your quality teams and operators will spend less time on checks and spot quality defects faster – that means more time and energy to focus on optimising production, and less time filing paperwork.

DigiView – Manufacturing Quality Management Software

Benefits of Data Correlation

The Factory of the Future combines best in class apps with contextualised cloud data that provides instant insight and alerts.

Do more with the data you have:

Along with generating new data directly, we complement the process by taking existing data, cleaning it up, contextualising it, and correlating it between different machines. Storing this data in the cloud and providing it back to other machines and systems allows for a completely integrated, automated, and smart production process.

Configurable and easy to update, data correlation allows for operational flexibility. If in the future we need to introduce new inputs, simply add it to the cloud and that information is automatically shared.

Reducing response time with better insights:

We need a paradigm shift in how we use data. In future factories, there’s going to be even more data, all intelligently correlated. Currently we look at historical data to improve the chronic problems, but these are time based activities that rely on routines. That means there’s a delay between the problem and the routine. In the future, the data should be delivered immediately as the problem happens, and the problem can be remedied instantly.

In future factories, data will be sent to machines to self correct. If no automated correction is possible, that data would then be sent to humans after escalation. This saves valuable time, resources, and energy.

Using the power of data correlation will enhance OEE, maintain the highest quality standards, and allow operators to refocus their energy on production rather than problem-solving.

Types of Digital Checks for Digital Manufacturing Software

Digital checks minimise human error and prevent defects and reworks downstream. On the path towards a completely digitalised process with a digital manufacturing system, integrating digital checks will optimise OEE, strengthen quality control, and maximise traceability.

The Factory of the Future can use digital checks to:

  • Improve productivity and eliminate manual data using one digital standard
  • Use templates with an easy to use drag and drop builder to bring any process online
  • Maximise digital tracking that saves time and manual data logging
  • Correlate with production data and track waste, CI projects, TPM and more
Digital LogsDigiView is a digital ‘paper trail’ on the shop floor that is less labour intensive and fills the reporting gap left by manual systems. Operators will appreciate DigiView’s digital manufacturing solution’s single access point for all checks and the fact it’s straightforward, quick, and easy to use, ultimately improving productivity and adherence to standards.
Quality LogsYour goal is to produce the highest quality of product, every time. DigiView digital manufacturing software is the only available solution that correlates production data against operator-generated checks. Standardise operations, identify failed areas more easily and identify quality trends.
Energy & Utilities DataThe future factory will be sustainable, efficient, and part of the climate solution, not the problem. This is accomplished through maximising efficiency, minimising waste, and optimising the use of utilities. A complete overview of all energy and utilities data used at every process in the line is paramount to fully understand consumption. Digital checks and live-monitoring of energy and utilities data allows an integrated digital manufacturing solution for AI-assisted control, warnings, and optimisation.
Operator-generated dataEven teams at fully automated sites struggle to compile shift-based data contained in paper checks, different systems and equipment. DigiView’s digital manufacturing system fills that gap with a simple check system that’s efficient for operators and flexible enough to incorporate any process.

Digital Manufacturing System for Enterprise-wide Traceability

Enterprise-wide connectedness is more than data. It is the means to a more productive, safer, and more sustainable manufacturing process, end-to-end.
Data is continuously gathered automatically from machines to understand efficiency and causes of loss. This is complemented with in-depth analysis of other tactical elements such as line balance optimisation, monitoring and energy loss alongside compliance requirements, even maintenance schedules.

Evolution of Digitalisation in Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing Software to enable AI and Machine Learning:
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applied to data enables a better understanding of the effects of various parameters, fault data, condition-based monitoring, environmental and quality data.
More about practical AI and Machine Learning →

Digital Manufacturing Software for next-level data management:
With this level of connected factory and data management, manufacturing leaders can predict failures more frequently, predict forecasts more closely and accurately, and even predict behavioural elements like the profile of shift teams that perform best – or which changeovers can be improved.
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Combining this insight through EnterpriseView, our strategic BI tool will correlate this data automatically to provide insights. Artificial Intelligence will then suggest potential actions, provide guided interventions and more insightful forecasts for better outcomes.
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Digital Manufacturing System for your future factory, today.

Digital Manufacturing Software is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s essential to:

  • Ensure SOPs are followed
  • Reduce waste
  • Instantly evaluate machine and team performance
  • Maintain quality standards
  • Optimise procedures
  • Maximise OEE

The factory of the future is already here through LineView’s integrated digital manufacturing service.

Take the first steps toward complete process digitalisation.

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