The best manufacturing efficiency software for increased production capacity & OEE wins.

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The only manufacturing efficiency software that identifies the highest impact
opportunities for productivity gains on bottling and packaging lines.


Try the one-of-a-kind system for bottling & packaging efficiency you’ve been hearing about.

LineView is the only manufacturing efficiency software to guarantee a minimum 10% OEE gain in 6 months or less. With features and add-ons specific to bottling and packaging, LineView is purpose-built for the unique needs of high-speed production lines. LineView combines powerful manufacturing efficiency software with operational excellence routines to guarantee additional production capacity – without additional resources.

Automated insights

The focus your team needs to make good decisions on the fly.

Your shift and team leaders don’t have time for hours and hours of KPI analysis and reporting. LineView helps shift leaders and managers focus time and resources using automated insights to drive targeted improvement actions. We offer the only manufacturing efficiency software with True Causal Loss and the ability to identify emergent opportunities on your production lines.


Get faster, easier ROI than MES & SCADA.

Unlike traditional MES or SCADA systems, ROI is fast and easy. Out-of-the-box insights mean team leaders can focus on actions rather than time-consuming do-it-yourself reporting. What’s more, teams can see the immediate impact of their actions, with faster ramp-up time from order to delivery.

Data & performance tools

It’s your data. Use it to unlock capacity & savings.

We believe manufacturing efficiency systems should include everything needed to maximise productivity. LineView provides both the data and performance tools to unlock capacity and savings. With live line status, drill downs to first-fault causal loss and built-in routines for instant decisions, there’s a good reason LineView is the leading software for OEE improvement on bottling and packaging lines.


Not just OEE software.

A game-changing approach to productivity.

Our team understands the challenges of bottling and packaging efficiency because we’ve been there. Built by operations experts as a holistic approach to improving production performance, LineView puts operational excellence best practices at the foundation of each roll-out. Twenty years later, we have proven results across the world’s largest packaging brands.

LineView™ performs True Causal Loss and OEE analysis on each of your lines, constantly identifying the real opportunities for improvement. A comprehensive solution that enables packaging operations to maximise throughput and achieve World Class OEE.

Best for:

  • Manufacturing intelligence on lines with interdependent machines
  • Automated true causal loss
  • Targeted, actionable OEE insight
Integrated monitoring and analysis with live trending
Powerful True Causal Loss and 6-Loss insight
Modular solution with robust tools for roll-out success

Fully integrated line information system, instantly identifying the highest impact opportunities for targeted productivity gains.


Browser-Based Interface

Access through a browser-based interface with role-based logins on any connected device

Real-time Feedback

Real-time feedback flags urgent problems like machine stoppages for immediate corrective action.

True Causal Loss

Fully automated casual downtime function, now down to machine fault level.

SAP / 3rd party ERP Integration

SAP and other 3rd Party ERP integrations to create a hub for all operational data, independent of any OEM

Drilldown Capability

Drill-down to analyze productivity loss by line, area, machine, fault, parameter


Simple configuration and ongoing maintenance through a drag-n-drop interface

Configurable Maintenance KPI (MTBF, MTTR, etc.)

Track Mean Time Between Failure/To Repair of each machine on the line and compare SKUs, teams, shifts, OEMs and more

Automated Data Capture

Interfaces with existing data sources for automated data capture direct from a PLC or remote I/O
Supports OPC /Wiehenstephaner / Modbus standards / SQL

Line Balance Monitoring

Line Balance and V-curve analysis is made easy through visual representation

Add on
Modules Available
EnterpriseView FactoryView CIP Monitor DigiView Built-in Management Routines LBO Monitor LBO Control CamView

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