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Industry overview

We recognize that manufacturing isn’t one-size-fits-all. Industries and processes vary significantly, each with its unique challenges and intricacies. Whether you’re in soft drinks, food manufacturing, or consumer goods, Lineview understands your complexities. Our tailored solutions empower your production teams to optimize efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance quality, all while aligning to your long-term strategy. Let’s transform your manufacturing journey together.

Food Manufacturing

In the dynamic landscape of food manufacturing, challenges abound. Consumers are increasingly demanding healthy and inexpensive quality food, traits which don’t naturally align. Growing product diversity and relentless cost pressures demand a delicate balance between flexibility and efficiency. By embracing the digital transformation, manufacturers can unlock new possibilities. Lineview, with its disruptive AI powered solutions, empowers food plants to optimize existing facilities, achieve World Class OEE, and maintain flexibility.

Soft drinks & water

Navigating the complex, consumer-driven soft drink market is challenging even for the most established brands. We recognize the intricate landscape of soft drink and bottled water production. Trends shift swiftly, and consumer preferences drive innovation. But it’s not just about today—it’s about tomorrow. Sustainability is our compass, guiding us toward a greener, more responsible future. Our AI powered solutions and OEE monitoring software empower manufacturers to adapt seamlessly and achieve their sustainability goals.


In a dynamic beer market, where traditional consumption patterns plateau and alternative beverages pose fierce competition, brewers encounter substantial hurdles. LineView’s AI-driven solution, coupled with deep expertise in brewing practices, enhances agility, empowering brewers to adeptly overcome these challenges.

Wine & Spirits

As consumer demand for niche and luxury products rises, packaging lines in wine and spirit operations grow more complex. The proliferation of SKUs leads to frequent changeovers, while unique packaging designs pose additional challenges. Moreover, the shift toward RTD cocktails and alcohol-free beverages adds pressure to spirits and wine manufacturers. Lineview’s experts comprehend distillation intricacies and the legacy of premium spirits. Our expertise, coupled with Lineview’s disruptive AI-based solutions, makes us the optimal choice for wine and spirits manufacturers.

Consumer Goods & Pharma

With so many different products and quicker lifespans these days, traditional factories are struggling to keep up. LineView is a revolutionary solution that changes the game. LineView helps manufacturers make things better and cheaper by improving how they produce things. This is useful for all kinds of companies, from those that make medicine to those that make everyday items. LineView gives manufacturers valuable information and makes their processes smoother, so they can make higher-quality products faster and be more successful.


With supply overtaking demand in many areas and farmers dealing with high debt service ratios, production facilities must push for efficiencies and cost avoidance. Further, the industry is diversifying into flavoured milk and longer lifespan products with complex packaging requirements.

Other (XL)

XL Platform empowers manufacturers with real-time insights, analytics, and performance tracking, making it a valuable tool for optimizing production processes. The platform is industry agnostic and enables significant production gain in automotive, pharma, consumer goods, electronics, farm packaging and many more industries.

Navigating the challenges in manufacturing

Manufacturing faces a tough balancing act: staffing, inventory, automation, and efficiency all impact success.
Overcoming these hurdles is key to staying competitive.

Rising operational cost and inflationary pressure

Operational expenses in the food and beverage industry continue to rise annually. While raw material, labor, and indirect costs surge, manufacturers can control their manufacturing process costs. Our customers attest to our ability to not only reduce operating expenses but also boost revenue by millions.

Sustainability challenges and resource optimization

Sustainability goes beyond greenwashing; global governmental bodies are enforcing stricter environmental laws and reporting.

Moreover, the availability of raw materials such as ground water is reducing each day. 1 out of 3 manufacturing plants are in water scarce regions. Lineview understands your commitment towards net zero carbon emissions and reducing water & energy wastage. By optimizing plant processes, Lineview minimizes resource use and emissions while enhancing productivity.

Digital Transformation made easy

We recognize that not everyone is tech-savvy. That’s why Lineview is user-friendly and intuitive. Our expert team collaborates with you, allowing you to focus on your work while improving results. Unlike traditional MES or SCADA systems, Lineview offers fast and easy ROI. Out-of-the-box insights empower team leaders to focus on actions rather than time-consuming DIY reporting. Plus, teams can immediately see the impact of their actions, leading to faster order-to-delivery times.

Increasing employee turnover and lack of expert workforce

The manufacturing industry faces a dual challenge: rising employee turnover and a shortage of experienced workforce. As seasoned workers retire, companies struggle to find skilled replacements. This dearth of expertise impacts productivity, quality, and innovation.

With over 20 years of industry expertise, LineView focuses on training programs, mentorship, and knowledge transfer to bridge the skills gap and retain talent.

Lineview Impacts Every Level of Your Organization

LineView empowers employees at all levels to make better decisions, from resolving everyday problems to strategically planning investments in new production lines and beyond.

Chief Executive Officer

LineView empowers CEOs by boosting revenue, brand reputation, and competitiveness. It fuels growth through increased production and market reach, while real-time data guides product decisions and optimizes efficiency. LineView also fosters innovation and strengthens risk management for long-term success.

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Sustainability Officer

LineView empowers the Sustainability head of your organization to drive sustainable practices. By optimizing energy and resource consumption, LineView aligns with your environmental responsibility goals. It resonates with eco-conscious consumers, enhancing your brand image. Waste reduction, resource efficiency, quantifiable sustainability metrics, and circular economy opportunities position us at the forefront your sustainability initiatives.

Chief Human Resource Officer

LineView empowers CHROs to cultivate a thriving workforce. By streamlining processes alongside Zaptic, LineView reduces stress and fosters engagement. Data empowers targeted training to address skill gaps and upskill employees. Optimized data-driven staffing ensures a productive workforce, while predictive maintenance prioritizes safety. LineView even informs recognition programs, motivating continuous improvement. Finally, LineView data informs recognition and reward programs, motivating continuous improvement.

Chief Technology

/Data Officer

Plant Manager

Production Employee

LineView empowers production employees with real-time insights into the production line. With the intuitive UX and informative dashboards, production employees can easily optimize workflows, ensure safety compliance, and proactively address maintenance needs. Additionally, LineView fosters collaboration among teams, promoting teamwork and efficient problem-solving.

Plant Engineer

LineView assists the plant engineer to identify issues that require engineering attention with a resource allocation tool. Receive direct machine-level data and analysis for instant insight without a drain on internal engineering teams. Further, gain valuable insight with a detailed understanding of individual asset performance and correlation to overall output.

Continuous Improvement Manager