Our solutions create efficiencies, build capacity and lower cost per unit with rich features developed specifically for high-speed lines and machine groups.


The solution for high-speed production lines

Fully integrated line information system, instantly identifying the highest impact opportunities for targeted productivity gains.

Best for:

  • Manufacturing intelligence on lines with interdependent machines
  • Automated true causal loss
  • Targeted, actionable oee insight
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The solution for multiple independent machines

More than just a reliable machine OEE metric, it provides powerful, actionable drill-down analytics for increasing production output.

Best for:

  • Reducing machine downtime
  • Factory dashboard for machines and machine groups
  • Tracking and improving changeover times, maintenance kpi and more
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The solution for performance audits & capex justification

Rapid manufacturing intelligence delivered in rugged, IP rated hardware.

Best for:

  • Instant data gathering & visualisation
  • Troubleshooting
  • CI initiatives
  • Line commissioning
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XL Platform

The solution for bolt-on productivity improvement

The XL Platform Productivity Device is a complete bolt-on solution that provides real-time, accurate downtime tracking and shop floor visualisation.

Best for:

  • Replacing manual data capture
  • Plant floor scoreboard
  • Accurate, automated downtime analysis
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The solution for digitising operational processes

Transform all production checks from laborious spreadsheets or paper based process into a digital Industry 4.0 ready process. Gain valuable insight into the shift operations that can be shared across the enterprise.

Best for:

  • Digitising manual checks
  • Validation of adherence to standards
  • User configurable checks
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Feature Comparison

RapidView LineView MachineView XL800
Data Capture
Automated Data Capture PORTABLE WIRELESS
Supplementary Operator Input with barcode scanner
Browser-Based Interface
SAP/3rd Party ERP Integration
Monitoring, Analytics & Reporting
Real-Time Feedback
Configurable KPI (OEE, Efficiency, etc.)
6-Loss Analysis
True Causal Loss
Configurable Maintenance KPI (MTBF, etc.)
Reject Monitoring
Cycle Time/Speed
Drilldown Capability
Configurable Reporting with XL810
Solution Comparison
Automatic Notifications COMING SOON COMING SOON with XL810
Modular Structure
Language Support with XL810
Machines Monitored UP TO 8 UNLIMITED UNLIMITED 1
Self-Configuration PRE-CONFIGURED
  • LineView™ helps the user to focus on the real losses of the production line without any great expenditure of time or effort."

    Theresa Hübner
    Production Expert,
    Coca-Cola European Partners

  • LineView™ is an extremely flexible tool that delivers long term sustainable results. All done automatically with a click of a button."

    Shiming Tu
    Maintenance Supervisor
    AB InBev, Wuhan

  • LineView™ is the single most powerful manufacturing tool I’ve seen during my 15 years in operations management."

    Richard Davies
    Vice-President Operations,
    Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd

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