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Easily connect LineView to existing systems or ingest other data into your enterprise reporting for better manufacturing insight.

Best for:

  • Ingest data into LineView from existing factory system
  • Use LineView machine data to trigger action through other systems
  • Pull data from LineView into existing business reporting routines
Reduce errors in data with a single system of truth that reduces data redundancy
Use APIs to populate other systems including workbook data and existing by hour reports
Save time and reduce manual entry with standardised data at the source.
Feed detailed equipment performance data from LineView into a third party MES solutions or alert system

Get future-ready for AI insights and with a reporting suite to achieve today’s manufacturing objectives.


API Integration

Available API and data mapping to ingest data into LineView and push data fields from LineView to MES, alert systems, and more.


Receives updates from multiple LineView Data Routers. Data is available for retrieval by third party OPC UA clients (including MES solutions).

Text Files

Export of KPI information from Lineview for use in third party systems through configurable CSV files. These files can be manually reviewed prior to being ingested.

Plant Maintenance | Process View

Example of a third-party process flow:


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