Meet your carbon footprint and sustainable manufacturing goals with more efficient production and energy consumption.

Use line efficiency in manufacturing and asset utilisation to lower energy costs

Use line efficiency in manufacturing and asset utilisation to lower energy costs

Boost line efficiency with a manufacturing efficiency system and understand how it affects energy use in real-time

Go beyond EMIS systems to sustainable food manufacturing

Go beyond EMIS systems to sustainable food manufacturing

Reduce C02 use and improve energy and water ratios

Set and maintain manufacturing energy efficiency and utility targets by  production line

Set and maintain manufacturing energy efficiency and utility targets by production line

Configure an unlimited number of utilities: water, gas, electricity, air, solar, wind, nitrogen and C02

Sustainable manufacturing is impossible when lines are running with poor OEE and asset utilisation.

If production is running at 50% of manufacturing efficiency, you are not utilising assets sustainably. It means your team has to run the plant 40-50% longer than if it were running more efficiently. Beyond production inefficiency, this leads to heating a building and employing people to be there needlessly. The effectiveness of your manufacturing efficiency has a massive impact on energy consumption, including human energy, electrical energy, building services, and everything that goes along with it. A manufacturer with the lowest carbon footprint in the world, when running ineffectively, is not carbon efficient. LineView’s sustainable manufacturing management approach combines typical energy M&V with a holistic approach to green manufacturing.

The ultimate sustainable manufacturing win-win: Win through manufacturing equipment efficiency gains and energy reduction project savings.

Use real-time and  historical data

Use real-time and historical data

Having live and historical energy data should be one of the first digital investments manufacturing plants make. With LineViews manufacturing efficiency formula, teams can benchmark energy performance by SKU, site, and line. Set strategic machine-level targets and get notified when energy performance drifts.

Integrated energy, utility, and production data

Integrated energy, utility, and production data

A paperless energy management system coupled with LineView OEE data means you can deliver significant cost savings, reach your ISO50001 goals and reduce your impact on the environment. LineView keeps energy and production manufacturing efficiency in balance.

Reduce waste and carbon footprint

Reduce waste and carbon footprint

Our operational experts have decades of experience in high-speed bottling, packaging, and production lines. Our team can show you how to reduce material waste and use fewer resources for each unit produced for a greener manufacturing process with a low carbon footprint.

How To Easily Improve Your Manufacturing Efficiency

The easiest way to increase resource efficiency in manufacturing while helping the planet.

OEE and sustainable manufacturing agendas share similar objectives: reduce waste and produce units with the most efficient use of resources possible. Connecting energy consumption and OEE data is beneficial to understand focus areas for efficiency improvement.

LineView’s line monitoring and OEE system is a user-friendly tool to understand hidden waste and loss in your production process. When your team can focus efforts and reduce waste, they’ll realise significant ROI while making good decisions for the company and the environment.

How to support sustainability goals:


Automate energy data collection with minimal add-on sensors

LineView connects directly to the PLC data you already have. Energy metering integrates seamlessly with a digital output that easily correlates with production data. Monitor unlimited utilities and resources including water, gas, electricity, air, solar, wind, nitrogen, and C02. Your team can measure by the hour, shift, or day at any level of your organization from Site, Line, Area, Machine, and Meter.


Connect energy monitoring to OEE systems

Even a minimal OEE gain can help the environment. OEE is a measure of how effectively a manufacturing process is utilised. By connecting energy consumption to OEE, manufacturers can get a complete picture of the manufacturing energy efficiency of their process. Tracking and analyzing energy consumption in relation to OEE can help manufacturers set and track progress toward energy reduction goals, and make more informed decisions about energy use in the manufacturing process.


Set strategic energy targets for ISO50001 goals

One of the requirements of ISO 50001 is the establishment of energy targets and objectives. LineView’s dynamic energy targets can help prioritize energy-saving initiatives and allocate resources accordingly. Trends help identify drift and areas where additional efforts are needed to improve. Finally, energy targets provide evidence of progress towards meeting ISO 50001 and demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement in energy management.


Support your sustainability agenda with behavioural change

LineView provides access to real-time and historical data that helps with behavioural changes like optimising production speed or turning off machines. It also saves time spent on manual energy tracking. Our operational support team can further support your green journey from a strategic level to develop an actionable roadmap and audit your energy consumption.

Conquer sustainable manufacturing with a win-win: higher asset utilisation and efficient energy use.

Taking your sustainability from the shop floor to the top floor requires digitisation and integration of energy data into production monitoring. LineView can help your team on your sustainable manufacturing journey to correlate energy and production data into an actionable roadmap.

From industry-leading energy management to hands-on guidance, LineView is an ideal partner to achieve your sustainability agenda for high-speed production operations.


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