Governance Tool

Project governance to guarantee results through system implementation.

The LineView Governance Tool provides a comprehensive visualisation of progression towards agreed goals based on best practice. The Governance Tool forms a live project tracking device for continuous assessment of progress throughout the LineView™ implementation and tracks progress against core elements contributing to results as a part of the IFA methodology.

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Ensure that your LineView™ system is properly used to improve line efficiency.

What you can expect from the Governance Tool:
  • Progress tracked against key contributors
  • Governance Tool drives supporting activities – action plans, training plans, site initiatives, support schedule
  • Project progress audited and tracked against goals
  • Progress reflected in site results as a part of the IFA methodology
Typical Governance session content includes:
  • System Accuracy and Use Assessment
  • Management Review Assessment
  • LineView Solutions Management Audit
  • Culture and Alignment Audit
  • Skills and Knowledge Assessment
  • Sustainability and Internal Audit
  • LineView™ helps the user to focus on the real losses of the production line without any great expenditure of time or effort."

    Theresa Hübner
    Production Expert, Coca-Cola European Partners

LineView, the ultimate solution for high-speed production lines.


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