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LineView™ performs True Causal Loss and OEE analysis on each of your lines, constantly identifying the real opportunities for improvement. A comprehensive solution that enables packaging operations to maximise throughput and achieve World Class OEE.

Best for:

  • Manufacturing intelligence on lines with interdependent machines
  • Automated true causal loss
  • Targeted, actionable OEE insight
Integrated monitoring and analysis with live trending
Comprehensive reporting suite with ready-to-use reports
Powerful True Causal Loss and 6-Loss insight
Modular solution with robust tools for roll-out success

Fully integrated line information system, instantly identifying the highest impact opportunities for targeted productivity gains.

Benefits & Notable Features

Browser-Based Interface

Access through a browser-based interface with role-based logins on any connected device

Real-time Feedback

Real-time feedback flags urgent problems like machine stoppages for immediate corrective action.

True Causal Loss

Fully automated casual downtime function, now down to machine fault level.

SAP / 3rd party ERP Integration

SAP and other 3rd Party ERP integrations to create a hub for all operational data, independent of any OEM

Drilldown Capability

Drill-down to analyze productivity loss by line, area, machine, fault, parameter


Simple configuration and ongoing maintenance through a drag-n-drop interface

Configurable Maintenance KPI (MTBF, MTTR, etc.)

Track Mean Time Between Failure/To Repair of each machine on the line and compare SKUs, teams, shifts, OEMs and more

Automated Data Capture

Interfaces with existing data sources for automated data capture direct from a PLC or remote I/O
Supports OPC /Wiehenstephaner / Modbus standards / SQL

Line Balance Monitoring

Line Balance and V-curve analysis is made easy through visual representation

Add on
Modules Available
LV Cloud Reporting FactoryView DigiView Quality Built-in Management Routines LBO Monitor LBO Control CamView

Solution Infrastructure

Solution Infrastructure

At Lineview Solutions we are passionate about making sure you get results.

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