Case Studies

Our software solutions are the result of more than just cutting edge technology. They are developed in conjunction with our in-house operational excellence experts. Our skills, experience and proven deployment methodology help deliver the highest levels of customer results.

  • The XL displays definitely generate a competitive interest on the plant floor. Until we put the display up it was not uncommon to see 160 minutes of shift downtime. Now that the operators can see the downtime in real-time, it is down to just 10 or 12 minutes per shift. Also one of our production shifts just broke the all-time run rate for the line."

    Plant Engineer
    International Glass Products Manufacturer

  • With the LineView™ system, the greatest feeling comes from getting good results and the accuracy of the data. In the past, we sometimes missed the data in our reports, but now we don’t need to worry. The LineView™ system can generate production performance graphics automatically, so we can see the line performance and exactly where the problems are."

    Team Leader
    Swire Beverages, Zhengzhou Plant

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