At a capacity of over 12 million hectoliters, the Belgium site of one of the world’s largest multinational breweries is pivotal in the company’s global operations. The site boasts generations of brewing tradition combined with the latest technology and produces one of the company’s leading beer brands for global export

Case Study


When a Belgium site of one of the largest global breweries installed LineView™, it was with the intention of replacing older systems that lacked the resolution and the visualisation of the data necessary to be actionable.

The site’s previous system’s information was inaccurate, not well visualised and only had manual loss allocation for stops over 3 minutes (no true causal loss); misleading for decision-making.

Morning meeting preparation was in excess of 30 minutes per line and entailed a manual review of the previous day’s report to analyse every stoppage and deduce the greatest cause of loss. As the report was in the form of a table, it was difficult to quickly identify the cause of concern. Apart from that, it did not allocate minor stops, hence the machine that is contributing to the greatest loss was not accurately identified.

LineView™ instantly identified significant losses undetected by the existing legacy system. As an example, in one test period LineView™ allocated a total loss of 1:57:18, whereas by comparison the legacy system allocated a total loss of only 0:55:01. LineView™ allocated a total loss of 99.3% as opposed to 46.3% in the legacy system.


LineView Solutions initially installed LineView™ onto one of the site’s KHS high-speed glass bottling lines,
leveraging existing signals from 13 machines.

LineView™ now presents data in an easy to read format for quick analysis, reducing the time to prepare for meetings. Also, rather than querying if the stoppage data is accurate, the time can be better utilised to identify actions to resolve the issues.

The Loss Analysis Page

Provides all information regarding the top losses on the line in the given time frame. The information is generated automatically with a click of a button.

Quick and Effective Shift Handovers

Helps identify the patterns of loss in the given timeframe for all the main line equipment. It also visually identifies which stoppage caused loss to the line (white bars) providing true causal loss.


Accurate data, clear focus, improved results.

LineView™ is now being used to precisely quantify the impact on line efficiency and OEE.

The Belgium site is now able to identify patterns when issues occur.

During the same time period, the legacy system missed significant loss allocation and top faults were different from those that LineView™ had identified.

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