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Our clients comment that we 'deliver a working system that serves the most valuable data.'

LineView™ helps the user to focus on the real losses of the production line without any great expenditure of time or effort."

Theresa Hübner
Production Expert,
Coca-Cola European Partners

Digitization of data enables us to be aware of the line performance anywhere, anytime. This is awesome for group management."

Tao Zhuang
ZBS Packaging Director
AB InBev

With the LineView™ system, the greatest feeling comes from getting good results and the accuracy of the data. In the past, we sometimes missed the data in our reports, but now we don’t need to worry. The LineView™ system can generate production performance graphics automatically, so we can see the line performance and exactly where the problems are.”

Team Leader
Swire Beverages, Zhengzhou Plant

LineView is the single most powerful manufacturing tool I’ve seen during my 15 years in operations management."

Richard Davies
Vice-President Operations,
Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd

LineView™ is an extremely flexible tool that delivers long term sustainable results. All done automatically with a click of a button.”

Shiming Tu
Maintenance Supervisor
AB InBev, Wuhan

We are totally satisfied! The XL800s easily paid for themselves in the first couple of months we used them. With the XL800, we are now able to easily identify slow cycles and quickly correct the problems that cause them. Throughput is up!”

Controls Engineer
Global Braking Components Manufacturer

The combination of LineView and proven operational practices delivered a 25% OEE improvement across the whole facility in less than 2 years. This helped us remove weekend overtime saving 450k Euros.”

Blue Chip Manufacturer

We combined the use of LineView and the Coke Way to yield a 20% OEE improvement at CCE Dongen over an 18 month period – the ROI was 16 weeks.”

Coca-Cola Enterprises

We have definitely noticed a productivity improvement since we started using the display. Before the display was hung, our line averaged 75% efficiency. Since the display we are operating between 90 and 95%. Since this unit was so successful we are in the process of adding visuals to our other lines.”

Lean Coordinator
Global Electric Component Manufacturer

Having the XL800 production monitoring displays throughout our organisation allows our production lines to visually monitor their own performance. At the same time, the remote monitoring of the data provides real time feedback to our first and second level supervisors allowing them to react to changes in production throughput, increasing our efficiency and reducing downtime.”

Manufacturing Manager
Tier One Automotive Supplier

As one of our partners in our journey to Empowered Digitalized and integrated Processes of total Supply Chain, LineView has become our routine digital tool that makes life for our front line people more productive; not only with paperless production lines performance reporting, and real time and transparent data, but also it is giving us a lot of insightful data that enables the right focus and actions to drive and improve efficiencies and productivity."

Khem Rith
Manufacturing Manager,
Cambodia Beverage Company Ltd (Coca-Cola KH)

When we installed XL displays showing target and actual production rates, the target rate was inadvertently set higher than was planned. One of the engineers set the target rate to 180 pcs/min for a part that was scheduled for 140 pcs/min. A few hours later when the plant manager glanced at the display, he was amazed to see the actual performance at 178 pcs/min. The line was running at 127% of plan simply because the goal was there! The XL displays showed us that our team members can outperform our own expectations. After we started visual management using the XL displays, the lines are showing record productivity numbers.”

Manufacturing Consultant
Manufacturing Consulting Firm

The improvements through LineView have prevented our business needing to invest in two new production lines, saving 28 million Euros in 2012.”

Blue Chip Manufacturer

Downtime hurts – we know when our machines aren’t running we’re hurting the bottom line. In order to fix the problem, we had to be able to see what was occurring. By using XL timers we are able to see how much downtime has occurred. Now that we know where to look, we have been able to reduce our downtime. When it works it works! That’s why we have a timer on every press.”

Automation Engineer
National Plastics Injection Molding Firm

The results are amazing! We went from about eight thousand units a day to just over eleven thousand just by putting the displays up. That’s an almost 30 percent increase in production and we’ve been able to sustain our gains. Everybody in the plant just loves the displays. Supervisors, managers and operators now have a great tool for monitoring the progress of the lines in real time.”

Maintenance Supervisor
Decorative Can and Tin Manufacturer

Having real-time production data on the plant floor has really changed how we work. We now know exactly where we should be relative to goal and have seen a remarkable, sustained 8% increase in throughput as a result. Our shifts now compete on a daily basis to try and out-produce the other shifts. Not only does this help us increase productivity, it makes it really fun for the teams.”

Manufacturing Engineer
Seat Frame Supplier

So far this year, we have been able to achieve a 22% improvement in OEE, and XL has been an integral part of our improvement process. By knowing the status of all our lines in real-time, we can address problems in real-time. With XL, our entire team sees downtime and eliminates downtime. We count on XL to show us what areas we need to address and we take immediate action from there.”

Plant Manager
Personal Care and Household Products

We saw an immediate 29% improvement in production efficiencies just by adding XL800 displays! The project has been so successful that we’ve now outfitted two complete plants with XL800s and are working on another. Corporate is so excited about the project that they’ve approved the budget to do every plant we have in the next year.”

Large Print Advertising Company

The XL displays definitely generate a competitive interest on the plant floor. Until we put the display up it was not uncommon to see 160 minutes of shift downtime. Now that the operators can see the downtime in real-time, it is down to just 10 or 12 minutes per shift. Also one of our production shifts just broke the all-time run rate for the line.”

Plant Engineer
International Glass Products Manufacturer

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