Operational Audit

Get back to basics with a three-day operational audit on your manufacturing operation.

Your operation regularly undergoes audits for safety, quality and financial performance. When did do the same for your operational health?

An operational audit examines the manufacturing processes from a different angle to help operations teams see where their issues really are, not where they think they are.

For rapid analysis and visibility of top losses and data accuracy throughout the audit process, we use RapidView – manufacturing intelligence delivered in rugged, IP rated hardware

Hear it from our experts

Before you can decide where to go, you need to know where you are.

Our 3-day Opportunity Analysis process answers key questions, including :
  • What drives most cost in your business? What are the biggest opportunities?
  • How well is your data understood?
  • How effective are your operations meetings and daily routines?
  • How effective are your actions to reduce loss?
  • How often do you review information to determine focus areas?
  • What is the depth of knowledge in manufacturing and continuous improvement in your factory?
  • How accurate is the data that you use to make decisions?
  • What the operational excellence team revealed in two days was astounding and it provided the backbone of a year worth of improvement activities at our site."

    Johnson Juice Co
    Howard Garbutt

RapidView, the solution for performance audits and CapEx justification.

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