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John Dunlop
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Ian Rowledge
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John Dunlop

A co-founder of LineView Solutions in 2009, John was initially a joint founder of another i3 Group company, Bytronic Automation. An integration company specialising in implementation of vision systems and network infrastructure, John led Bytronic to a leading position among UK based systems integrators and one of just seventeen worldwide Platinum integrators for the Cognex PSI Group.

John is a data analytics expert, both in the design and implementation of data gathering solutions and the deployment of data analysis tools for rapid and insightful visualisations to the user. Through many years of successful system installations, John has overseen the complete cycle of sales, design, installation and maintenance of large scale manufacturing data analysis systems at industry leaders such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, P&G and Jaguar Land Rover.

At LineView, John has played an integral role in taking the small privately-owned business to an internationally recognized leader in the field of production line monitoring. In his role, he has helped build a network of distribution and integration partners in Asia, Africa, North America, Australia and Europe, which now install and support systems across the five continents.

John received his Bachelor of Engineering with Honors, Electronics and Computer Control from Coventry University. He then continued at the university to gain a Doctor of Philosophy, Intelligent Fuzzy Controller for engine testing systems.

Ian Rowledge

A co-founder of LineView Solutions, Ian’s ten plus years in operation management with Coca-Cola led him to search for better solutions, resulting in the start-up of OptimumFX in 2001, an operational improvement consultancy business within what is now known as the i3Group. He devised its trademark IFA improvement tools and methodology which was deployed by Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) and later, the successful ‘Leading Operational Excellence’ program within CCE.

In 2009, Ian and partner John Dunlop co-founded LineView Solutions with software that offered real-time production line monitoring solutions, including the unique True Causal Loss engine and visualisations. Ian’s expertise and LineView’s technology has been sought out by some of the biggest blue-chip manufacturers in the world, the results of which are represented by nearly a decade of successful LineView deployments.

Ian has a unique ability to review an entire operations facility and pinpoint areas where the most value adding improvements can be achieved quickly. His success is founded in his ability to identify losses, and convert them into value based costs, allowing businesses to achieve significant productivity and profit improvements.

A graduate of Loughborough University with a Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical and Materials, Ian also holds Kepner Tregoe certification in Situational Analysis, Problem Analysis and Project Management.

Ian is a true leader, coach and mentor. He has a demonstrable track record of implementing lean methodologies and using operational excellence techniques to save costs, increasing efficiency and improving quality in the most challenging of environments.

Ian specialises in helping manufacturing businesses eliminate the greatest causes of productivity loss through a combination of proven processes and operationally-focused software solutions that he has developed jointly with the LineView and i3Group teams.

Together, we deliver real-time monitoring solutions
to the bottling & packaging industry.

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