Data-Driven SIC & Management Routines

Better daily production meetings for less manufacturing variability.

Focus your team’s corrective actions

Focus your team’s corrective actions

Reduce issue resolution time

Set and maintain standard processes

Set and maintain standard processes

Eliminate performance swings

Achieve CI and organisational transformation objectives

Achieve CI and organisational transformation objectives

Engage teams for sustainable improvements

Slow OEE improvements and misguided operator interventions don’t have to be the norm.

Without live data and structured routines, problem-solving on the shop floor is anecdotal, and performance improvements are slow. Perhaps operators notice swings in performance from day to day, but if your CI teams lack data and a feedback loop, it’s impossible to focus on corrective actions and solid targets.
Is it time to inform your meetings with repeatable, data-driven targets and management routines?

Drive daily production meetings with built-in routines.

Management routines linked to data systems

Management routines linked to data systems

Retrospective data analysis is time-consuming for you and your managers. Meetings and routines linked to real-time data eliminate wasted time - resulting in more efficient, productive meetings.

In-house operational experts to guide your team

In-house operational experts to guide your team

It’s difficult to manage change. Our team will guide your team, teaching them to make objective, data-based decisions. We’ll implement our proprietary approach for sustainable bottom-line wins.

SIC built on industry-proven approach

SIC built on industry-proven approach

Short Interval Control (SIC) extends the function of daily production meetings. The proven approach accelerates improvements, empowering operators with structured data and responsibility.

How to Use Shift Handover Policies & Checklists for Better OEE

Better meetings (and routines) start with Short Internal Control.

Short Interval Control (SIC) is a structured process engaging managers and operators to review performance data regularly.

With interval-based interventions, SIC focuses your entire team’s efforts on improving performance – from identifying opportunities to following up on corrective actions.

How it works:


Use LineView to identify areas of loss and standardize meetings

Once LineView™ is installed, the accuracy and availability of information unleash the potential for real improvement. Daily production meetings are instantly actionable with performance reviews based on genuine causes of lost productivity.


Train users to through real-time feedback and coaching

We’ll work directly with your site team, coaching them to rapidly and effectively drill down to True Causal Loss. We will also demonstrate how to run performance review meetings that minimise meeting time and maximise effective decision-making.


Implement SIC and management routines

To capitalise on your improved information models, we’ll review your management routines, tailoring your production meetings to suit a real-time information environment: forward-focused, proactive, and driving corrective actions that impact actual performance.


Drive behavioural change with quality improvement targets

When meetings are re-focused, your team will move from historical, symptomatic language to forward-looking terms and a better analysis of root-cause. We’ll help teams become more deliberate and ultimately take responsibility for your improvement targets.

Better meetings to reduce manufacturing performance variability.

Your performance improvement initiatives will accelerate once your team embraces live data and data-driven management routines.

Guided by data, managers, and operators are more confident in their ability to take the right actions – eliminating day-to-day performance swings and variability on the factory floor.


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