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Gather data from machines to understand efficiency and causes of loss. Drill through your data to find root causes.


Gather manual and automated data to ensure your quality, parameters and compliance requirements are to standard.


Transform data into manufacturing intelligence. Correlate data from multiple sources with machine learning and AI to provide insights.


Implement management routines to compliment new data and insights. Underpin your digital strategy with world class practices.

OEE is just the start.

The evolution of manufacturing KPIs provide a deeper understanding and application of true causal loss.

Total digitisation is the enabler of a more efficient shop floor that is driven by machine learning and AI.

Maximise potential with a partner ecosystem.

Our approach to complete digital manufacturing improvement is more than a single KPI. We recommend best of breed software, partnerships and data systems that are open and flexible. This method reduces risk - moving toward a low-code, no-code ecosystem that’s plug and play.

Imagine a production environment that’s optimised for every parameter of every SKU.
Opening the door

To smart, practical AI applications

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