IFA Methodology

The right Information, effective Focus and appropriate Action deliver results, from an immediate step-change in performance to Continuous Improvement and sustainable benefits.

Are you working hard to solve problems, but not improving overall performance?

Our IFA methodology can open your eyes to the real losses in your business within just 2 days. We’ll then guide you to make immediate and sustainable improvements.

IFA is our core manufacturing improvement methodology. It’s so simple to use, it can be applied to any situation. It’s a methodology that is proven to work and has helped numerous clients achieve world class OEE.

  • information


    Accurate & Actionable
    Real-Time & Historical
    Causal & Drill down

    Do we have the right data?

  • focus


    Management routines
    Leadership buy-in
    Effective decision-making

    Are we using data in the best possible way?

  • action


    Targeted activity
    Pro-active improvement

    Are the actions we are taking effective?

  • results


    Step change
    Continuous improvement
    Sustainable benefits


Give data meaning - find your True Causal Loss™

From reliable data to LineView’s intelligent True Casual Loss algorithm, which automatically correlates a machine-level fault to its impact on that machine and your OEE score, LineView’s range of solutions add insight to your plant data, enabling your team with actionable information to make data-driven decisions.

Our Solutions


Rigorous routines and the right decisions for sustained improvement

Manufacturing and production isn’t simple. It involves complex processes, teams of individuals and multiple shifts. Effective tactical and strategic decision-making using meaningful data gives your business real focus and daily momentum. Establish the right set of effective management routines to deliver world-class OEE.

Management Meetings


Take effective action and maximise results

Motivate your team to respond quickly and effectively to maximise your results with a visualisation of progression towards agreed goals based on best practice. LineView’s Governance Tool forms a live project tracking device for continuous assessment of progress throughout the LineView™ implementation and tracks progress against core elements contributing to results as a part of the IFA methodology.

Governance Tool
  • By implementing the IFA methodology we saw a 10% line efficiency improvement in 6 months and a further 10% in 2 years with an overall cost saving of €2 million"

    Site Manager
    Blue Chip Manufacturer, Netherlands

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